|Team Effectiveness Programmes

What We Do

Enabling a mindset of  ownership and accountability at an individual level in order to develop the level of authentic and sincere collaboration and cohesion that is required at team level to drive sustainable team effectiveness.  We do this by running interactive, creative reflective and focused team interventions that enable an in-depth level of personal and team understanding at a fundamental level.

We use the same approach to create Leadership Effectiveness, but we customize it based on the dynamics, level and function of your teams:

Team Brand and Culture

Facilitating the process of developing a unified Team Brand owned by all team members and tangible Behaviours aligned to the Organisational Values;  enabling your Teams to develop the accountability and change agility required to support and embed your Organisational Culture and their related Team Culture.

Team Alignment

Enabling alignment within Teams with respect to their Purpose, Strategic Objectives, Roles and Interfaces; Contracting on expectations of each other that they will hold each other accountable to and the development of a measurable, tangible Team Effectiveness Roadmap.

Individual Effectiveness and Enablement

Providing guidance, equipping and enablement to your Teams as Individuals based on their work styles and development goals.  Giving them the skills and tools they need to develop sustainable individual effectiveness which is needed to create team effectiveness (EQ, Impactful Communication, Change Agility, Self-Management) strategies for virtual way of work, Team Dynamics,  Turning Diversity into a Team Effectiveness enabler.

Team Effectiveness and Enablement

Enabling the ability to practically apply Team Effectiveness skills and tools through Team Coaching.

The Benefits

Aligned, collaborative and cohesive Teams that take accountability for driving their Team Effectiveness

Teams that take accountability for supporting and sustaining your organisational culture, translating into healthy team dynamics

Teams with solutionist mindsets who work together towards the successful achievement of their operational objectives

Teams that understand the importance of diversity and how to interact in an inclusive manner to bring about team synergy

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