|Organisational Culture Alignment / Transformation

What We Do

Aligning or transforming  your organisational culture to enable you to achieve your strategic objectives and realise your organisational purpose.  We do this in a deliberate, focused and targeted way by enabling the required shift in values, paradigms, mindsets and behaviours as well as the necessary alignment in the supporting organisational elements such as policies, processes, practices (rituals), systems and structure.

We follow a methodology which has achieved success in numerous organisations across multiple sectors:

We Assess your Current Culture by using our Targeted Diagnostic Assessment approach (interactive connections with all levels across your organisation).

We then run workshops with your people (all levels) to guide and facilitate the process of Designing your Desired Culture, and developing an Action Plan and Roadmap for achieving it.

We enable you to successfully Align or Transform your Current Culture to enable the achievement and sustainability of your Desired Culture. We do this by running workshops, conducting leadership and team coaching to develop and embed the accountability/ownership, values and behaviours and integrate supporting elements (policies, processes, practices/rituals, systems and structure that are required to Embed & Sustain your Desired Culture

The Benefits

An aligned organisational culture that enables the achievement of your strategic objectives

Alignment on values and associated behaviours that are meaningful and integrated in processes and ways of work

A workforce that takes ownership for leading, driving and supporting your organisational culture

Policies, processes, practices (rituals), systems and organisational structure that support embedment of your organisational culture

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