|Customised Programmes

What We Do

Using our incredible passion, creativity and agility to design tailored programmes, deliver once-off workshops or conduct speaking engagements/webinars to enable your environment to continue to thrive and remain effective despite any internal or external micro or macro disruptions. Examples include:

Adjusting to the Hybrid way of work – how to maintain team dynamics, effectiveness, collaboration and a healthy level of work/life balance and continuity during the transition period to a hybrid model of work (both virtual and work from home)

Building a Hybrid Mindset – increasing resilience and building agility in the face of the changing way of work and becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable (adjusting quickly and in a fluid way to working in a different physical, structural, leadership and team configuration

Evolution of Leadership in the Hybrid way of work – adjusting your leadership style, building relationships of trust with your people and fostering increased team accountability and agility to ensure no disruption in productivity, effectiveness, healthy team dynamics, employee engagement and the overall achievement of strategic and operational objectives

Enhancing Social Connection on a Hybrid Platform – mechanisms to ensure the basic need of human beings to connect with others is maintained and enhanced to maintain healthy team dynamics, employee engagement and productivity

Targeted and customised workshops on topics relating to our service offerings and your unique requirements. Examples include:

Aligning leaders to ensure one Leadership Experience, shared goals, unity and leadership credibility

Capacitating leaders to step into their role as active, visible and accountable Change leaders – spearheading change in your organisation (being the face and ambassadors of successful, sustainable change implementation)

Using our Work Waze tool to enable leaders and teams to Understand, Respect and Accommodate all the different work styles, backgrounds, levels, and other elements that make teams so diverse in order to leverage the diversity in their teams, develop cohesion and collaboration and create overall effectiveness

Building the ability of leaders and colleagues to understand and effectively manage themselves, the impact others have on them, their impact on others, and situations in which they find themselves in order to take accountability for the outcomes they experience (controlling the outcome instead of being victims to and of the outcomes)

Enabling leaders and colleagues to understand their role in creating the outcomes they want for themselves, the team and the organisation; Developing ownership in every aspect – career, role, deliverables, response to changes, personal dimensions, relationships, effectiveness

Demonstrating how enhanced Personal Accountability, Team Awareness and Emotional Intelligence can lead to constructive, enabling team dynamics which are critical to the success of any team or department

Enabling women in leadership roles with the skills and tools they require to step into their space of authentic leadership – enabling the organisational culture to align itself to gender equity to provide a platform for women to excel in their positions of leadership

The Benefits

Leadership that is able to:

Adapt their leadership styles and approach to maintain and enhance organisational effectiveness despite internal or external disruptions

Inspire, motivate and engage their teams on any platform – virtually, remotely (geography), or in a hybrid manner

Teams and Individuals who are able to:

Self-manage and maintain adequate levels of engagement and their effectiveness despite internal or external environmental disruptions

Identify their levels of resilience and build their resilience to respond to internal or external disruptions

Adapt how they connect with each other on any platform – virtually, remotely (geography), or in a hybrid manner

A supportive, responsive and enabling organisational culture

Enablement with knowledge, skills and toolkits to improve communication, team dynamics and effectiveness

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