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Our Approach

Our Approach

What sets us apart is our unique approach of integrating and aligning leadership, strategy and organisational culture. We do this by facilitating conversations with the leadership team and staff to gain insights into the organisation’s challenges and opportunities. We leverage organisational experience and wisdom to enhance effectiveness and success.

While emergent in thinking, our approach is based on proven diagnostic methodologies, thought leadership and a systematic engagement process. In essence, we assist leaders to connect, lead and act to ensure long term organisational success.

The NLC Organisational Effectiveness Model

Organisational effectiveness relates to how well an organisation achieves its goals. The model below illustrates key elements to achieve organisational effectiveness.

A systematic engagement process
In delivering our services, we follow the consulting methodology below:

Engage with the leadership team and conduct diagnostic to identify organisational challenges and opportunities

Analyse information gathered and agree plan of action with the client

Design and co-create customised solutions with the client
Employ a collaborative effort to execute sustainable solutions

Review effectiveness of the implementation approach, process and implemented solution.

Organisations should consistently focus on all these elements in order to achieve organisational effectiveness. Enabling execution includes ongoing alignment and change management to promote buy-in and commitment.

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