|Our Approach

|The NLC Integrated Approach

We use the NLC Integrated Approach to align Leadership, Strategy and Culture underpinned by change management in developing holistic and sustainable solutions that enable the ultimate achievement of your Strategic Objectives.

We partner with you to co-create and develop creative, unique, targeted and focused solutions that will equip and enable your leaders, employees, and teams to interact, engage and operate at their absolute best, ultimately leading to the enhanced Effectiveness of your Organisation.

Because why would you settle for anything less?

We equip and empower your people with knowledge, skills and tools to embed and sustain the changes.

In other words, we enable your people to empower themselves and be the CEOs of their lives.




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Change Management


|What sets us apart?

Our passion and genuine love for what we do, coupled with our in-depth approach and transformational facilitation, makes us show up in a highly energetic and credible way, with BELIEF that the way we do what we do will transform your people, your teams and your organisation so that you can operate at YOUR BEST!

Our depth of knowledge, experience, passion and creativity allows us to adopt the unique approach of integrating Leadership, Culture, Strategy and Change Management to create Organisational Effectiveness.

We don’t do things for the sake of it, we do things to create significant impact and make a lasting difference.

What is the ultimate outcome?

Your sustainable Organisational Effectiveness and Success  – achieved through the delivery of our unique Integrated approach

|Our Products

We have successfully used Work Waze and Shed your Skin™ Corporate Board Game  in order to create a high level of impact in shifting the mindsets, facilitate collaboration within teams and improve team dynamics.

Work Waze

Work Waze is a non-psychometric tool which facilitates the process of self-awareness and team awareness in a fun, engaging and simplistic way, enables participants to identify their own and others preferred workstyles; thereby developing the platform for building individual, team and leadership effectiveness.

The outcomes enable the individual and team to create the essential mindsets; leverage their differences and strengths to improve team dynamic and achieve their objectives in the shortest period possible, with minimal frustration and conflict.

Shed Your Skin Corporate Board Game

Shed your Skin™ is a unique gaming experience that can be used to build and develop leadership and team effectiveness at different levels of the organisation in a fun and interactive way. It enables participants to show up in an authentic way and build a foundation for trust and open communication.

The facilitated game promotes self and team awareness and the development of collaboration, healthy team dynamics and cohesion and ultimately fosters the ability of leaders and teams to leverage the diversity in their teams, thereby strengthening their overall effectiveness in order to achieve their strategic and operational objectives.