|Diversity and Inclusion Programmes

What We Do

Using our 5L5D Model which approaches the concept of Diversity & Inclusion in a holistic, in-depth way, shifting the paradigms of your people at a fundamental level in order to enable the depth of understanding and development of authentically, inclusive behaviours that lead to the diversity in your organisation being truly harnessed and fully leveraged – leading to increased team effectiveness and overall organisational effectiveness

Our model allows for the in-depth understanding on individual, team and leadership levels in your organisation, of the unconscious biases that we all have, why we have them, how they impact our thoughts, actions, behaviours, decisions, interactions, engagements and relationships and how to shift our paradigms to develop more inclusive behaviours in a sustainable way.

The Benefits

A culture of broad diversity and entrenched inclusion

Leadership, Teams and Individuals who are able to:

Openly and comfortably discuss the different layers of diversity including the more difficult and emotive ones such as race, culture, gender, sexual orientation and generational diversity

Understand how their paradigms influence their views and behaviours

Learn from each other to replace their unconscious biases with facts and information, enhancing the depth of the relationships within teams

Break out of their comfort zones and cliques of comfort and integrate and interact comfortably across diversity barriers

Identify and speak out respectfully and constructively against any form of prejudice, stereotyping or discrimination

And leverage the diversity within your organisation to increase their effectiveness

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