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Organisational Change Management

Organisational Change Management

In today’s world organisations have to proactively initiate and effectively respond to change to be successful and competitive. Inability to effectively manage change is one of the key inhibitors to successful execution of strategies and programmes aimed at improving organisational effectiveness.

Change management is a structured way of supporting organisations to successfully transition from a sub-optimal current state to a desired future state characterised by growth and success. When implementing changes to improve organisational effectiveness, leaders, as key sponsors of the change need to consider the impact on people

We assist organisations to pro-actively manage the people side of change. We design, implement and facilitate adoption of organisational change management interventions to ensure that the change objectives are achieved.

Our approach to change management is informed by our extensive experience in implementing complex change across multiple industries and geographies. We use best practice change management approaches, frameworks, models and thinking to guide our approach.

Organisational Change Management Services

Analyse and Plan

• Define a case for change, benefits and roadmap
•  Assess change impact on stakeholders
• Identify people related risks
• Develop a change and communications approach and plan
• Develop a sponsorship and change agent network roadmap

Implement and Monitor

•  Assess change readiness
•  Implement a change and communications plan
•  Implement a sponsorship and change agent network roadmap
•  Define change enablement interventions to promote adoption
•  Facilitate alignment of relevant organisation components such as
•  performance management and rewards to the changes
•  Monitor implementation and address identified issues

Embed and Sustain

• Define and implement interventions to reinforce changes for sustainability
•  Reward and celebrate achievements appropriately