About us


Who we are

Nkululeko Leadership Consulting (NLC) is a boutique, black-owned and managed leadership consulting firm 
at the forefront of enhancing leadership effectiveness and organisational capability. Each of the NLC directors has over 30 years of practical executive leadership experience. They have used their experience and 
drawn from leadership theories and best practices to develop new ground breaking frameworks for leadership and organisational effectiveness. In so doing, they 
have challenged conventional leadership consulting and reframed a new approach that brings about real transformation in organisations.

Our purpose

Our purpose as Nkululeko Leadership Consulting (NLC) is to enhance leadership effectiveness of organisations to accelerate the economic, social and political development of the continent.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s leading leadership consultancy; partnering with organisations to transform and grow in a sustainable way.

Our promise

In every engagement, we mindfully co-create solutions that shift organisational thinking, empower individuals and transform leadership teams and organisations. We achieve this by facilitating interventions that aim to:

connect organisational purpose, strategy and culture;

enable leaders to act with wisdom for long term business success and

empower leaders to lead with authenticity.

We assist clients to achieve sustainable organisational performance through alignment and integration of strategy, effective leadership and optimal organisational culture.