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Strategy & Operations Consulting

Strategy and Operations Consulting

Do you have a winning strategy that is aligned to your vision and is it executable to achieve organisational goals?

As NLC, we guide organisations to review and co-create clear, differentiated and executable strategies that align to their vision. Many organisations fail to achieve their goals due to ineffective implementation of their well-crafted strategies. We provide advice, assistance and execution capability, thus helping organisations to improve performance and maximise growth.

We partner with clients to co-create and deliver customised solutions and advice. Consistent with our overall integrated approach, the starting point in formulating appropriate strategies is having conversations and asking key questions to understand the client’s context and needs. We challenge conventional wisdom to achieve breakthrough results.

Strategy and Operations Consulting Services

Strategy Review & Formulation

In today’s complex business environment, leaders need to develop watertight strategies that enable the organisation to achieve its goals. Our team uses relevant tools to conduct external and internal analysis and assist in reviewing and developing strategies.

•  Facilitate conversations to identify challenges and opportunities
•  relating to organisational strategy and execution effectiveness

•  Review organisational strategy
•  Develop organisational strategy

•  Review and develop other functional/operational strategies

Organisational Effectiveness Review

This entails an assessment of areas that are critical for the successful implementation of strategies.

•  Conduct Organisational health checks
•  Review organisation structure for effectiveness
•  Conduct Team effectiveness assessments
•  Review organisational culture alignment to strategy
•  Develop a gap analysis report with recommendations

Gaps identified from the review process are prioritised and interventions to address the gaps agreed with clients.

Strategy Execution Support

Many organisations fail to achieve their goals due to ineffective implementation of their strategies. We partner with clients to provide holistic solutions required to effectively execute strategies and improve organisational performance.

•  Design and implement programmes to ensure effective execution of
•  the strategy

•  Design and implement organisational change management
•  interventions to support strategy execution

•  Facilitate employee engagement
•  Design and implement interventions to address culture inhibitors to
•  strategy execution

•  Design and implement operational improvement solutions
•  People Advisory & Support

•  Organisational Effectiveness Advisory

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