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Organisational culture consulting

Organisational Culture Consulting

Do you have an enabling organisational culture that supports the execution of your strategy?

Culture is a critical success factor in today’s dynamic business environment. It is the shared values, beliefs, attitudes, assumptions and practices that are embedded within and unique to each organisation. An organisation’s culture can either be an enabler or an inhibitor to the achievement of its strategy and vision, as it determines how things are done and how people behave.

Most organisations simply allow an organisational culture to form and fail to monitor and measure the extent to which culture impacts leadership, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Our role is to enable an organisation to design and implement its own unique and winning culture – one that aligns to its strategy and vision. Ultimately, this is how an organisation creates a unique competitive advantage.

Why culture matters

Whether to ensure the successful implementation of strategy, a major organisational change, drive improved performance, integrate the cultures of merged entities, or aligning executive teams, the role of culture is critical. Increasingly culture is becoming a major factor that potential employees consider in determining which organisation to work for.

We assist organisations to assess their culture and either shape or design and implement a new culture to support, enable or accelerate the achievement of their strategies. This includes organisations that have been through mergers and acquisitions.

Organisational Culture Services

Organisational Culture Assessment

We conduct a cultural assessment to ascertain whether there are any behaviours and practices that inhibit the organisation from achieving its strategic objectives.

• Engage with leadership team and the whole organisation to assess the
•  current organisational culture

•  Identify cultural inhibitors
• Recommend organisational culture changes

Organisational Culture Design

•  We assist organisations design their desired culture to ensure that
•  behaviours and practices are optimal for the achievement of their
•  strategic objectives.

•  Identify gaps between desired culture and current culture
•  Assist clients to develop a plan to implement new culture


Organisational Culture Alignment/ Transformation

We assist organisations to align their desired culture to their strategies, ensuring that the right plans and processes are in place to support the implementation of the new culture.

•  Facilitate implementation of the desired culture
•  Implement initiatives to embed the desired culture
•  Facilitate employee engagement
•  Assist with the organisational change management
•  Assist with reviewing the effectiveness of implemented culture
•  M & A Culture  due diligence & Integration

•  Organisational Culture Advisory

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