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Authentic leadership culture required for Africa to rise

As the world reels from yet another corporate governance failure via the breakdown of leadership in automotive giant Volkswagen, Nonkululeko Gobodo, renowned business woman and economic transformation activist, believes that effective leadership is what is currently lacking most in organisational culture and is ultimately what will make South Africa and the continent work. Read More

Success in achieving sustainable change

While there is general agreement that for organisations to achieve high-performance requires an alignment of culture and strategy, Alex Darko, Head of Culture Consulting at Nkululeko Leadership Consulting, believes it is the attitudes and behaviours of leaders that are critical in achieving success in this regard. Read More

Success in achieving sustainable change (Globalisation)

With globalisation and mergers an everyday reality in the modern business environment, this requires that organisations change the way they are run and how they work.

Linda Mvanana, Head of Business Consulting at Nkululeko Leadership Consulting, believes that while change has become a constant in the world, many organisations are not adequately equipped with the skills necessary to respond to change or proactively initiate the change required to stay ahead.
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The resignation of organisational leaders

While the exact circumstances surrounding the resignation of MTN CEO, Sifiso Dabengwa, have not been publically disclosed, Nonkululeko Gobodo, CEO of Nkululeko Leadership Consulting, says the resignation of leaders at a time of crisis appears to be an increasingly worrying trend impacting organisations across the globe.

Gobodo believes that instead of adopting a knee-jerk response to organisational problems or issues, leadership within an organisation should be rallying together and putting the interests of the organisation and its people first. Read More

Intergrating Leadership, Culture, Strategy & Enabling Execution

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