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LOREN SCHIEBE, Solutions Design and Delivery Director

Loren Schiebe is a Director of NLC and is primarily responsible for the design, development and delivery of the customised programmes that we offer to our clients. Journeying with her clients and watching them progress, grow and develop into the best versions of themselves serves as the greatest fulfilment for her both professionally and personally. Her approach to her work is that it is not work but an absolute privilege, blessing and honour to be able to make a living from that which she is incredibly passionate about – bringing about lasting change and growth in the lives of individuals and in the sustainable effectiveness of organisations – leaving a legacy of positive transformation wherever she is afforded the opportunity.

Loren is an Organisational Effectiveness Expert with experience across a wide spectrum of industries spanning in excess of 20 years. Loren has a strong level of expertise in the area of Culture Development and Transformation, Diversity and Inclusion, Strategy Development and Alignment, Leadership Effectiveness, Team Effectiveness and Change Management and has provided value to a range of clients in these areas on a strategic, operational and tactical implementation level.  She is also an expert in the design, development and implementation of Change Management, Diversity, Leadership & Team Effectiveness tools, approaches, models, strategies and programmes aligned to the achievement of strategic imperatives.   The level at which she is able to operate ranges from having acted in an advisory and coaching capacity to C-level executives, through to customizing her approach and tools to ensure sustainable impact on every level within an organisation including semi- or unskilled labour.

She loves engaging people, tapping into their minds and helping them unleash potential that they did not even know existed within them. Human beings and their complexities and incredible diversity is what drives her and gives her great joy. She also loves being out in nature and simply enjoying the beauty and tranquility of natural scenery. Hiking is therefore one of her favourite pass times. Travelling and exploring new and wonderful places, people, culture and food is part of her DNA. She also loves spending quality time with her partner and her four beautiful daughters whom she often conducts experiments on to see whether her new ideas for exciting programmes, tools and methodologies will work. They of course don’t often enjoy or appreciate being the subjects of her countless experiments!

The mantra by which she lives: “To live is to change; To change is to grow; To grow is to fulfil”

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