Leadership Consulting

Do you have the right leadership strategy and frameworks that drives effective leadership and organisational effectiveness? Does your organisation have an enabling leadership culture to achieve its strategic goals?

Building Future-proof Organisations

The pace of change in business today, coupled with increasing uncertainty and complexity has narrowed the competitive landscape and widened the leadership gap. Building resilient organisations that are adept at winning without compromising their values has become a new business imperative. What differentiates successful organisations from the rest is their ability to be more strategic in planning towards their leadership and talent needs. We assist clients to define the leadership strategy and culture that are aligned to their vision and organisational strategy. We then help to improve the leadership effectiveness required to translate their strategic goals into sustainable performance.

Key elements of the NLC Leadership Effectiveness Model:

Individual Effectiveness

  •  Capability & Role Fit
  •  Qualifications, Skills & Experience
  •  Personality traits, Leadership style & behaviours
  •  Psychological & Spiritual state

Leadership Alignment

  •  Alignment to vision & strategy
  •  Leaders aligned to one another
  •  Visible collective leadership

Organisational & Leadership culture

  •  Enabling culture
  •  Supports vision & strategy
  •  Modelling the right behaviours

Team Capability

  •  Collaboration & Decision making
  •  Execution capability
  •  Leadership development framework


Leadership Consulting Services

1. Leadership Strategy Review & Formulation:

This is a process to develop a leadership strategy that is aligned to the organisational strategy and vision.

  •  Facilitate leadership conversations to identify organisational challenges and opportunities
  •  Review effectiveness of the existing leadership strategy
  •  Develop leadership strategy

2. Leadership Effectiveness and Capability Assessments:

This entails a rigorous diagnosis of leadership effectiveness and capabilities to determine the right fit for the required leadership roles, identification of development gaps and the development of a leadership talent pipeline.

  •  Assess leadership effectiveness and capability
  •  Review Governance Framework
  •  Assess and review leadership culture
  •  Develop a gap analysis report with recommendationss

3. Leadership Solution Design and Execution:

This entails the design and implementation of leadership development solutions required for leadership excellence.

  •  Design and implement programmes to implement leadership strategy that is aligned to vision, strategy and culture
  •  Develop a Leadership Effectiveness Model
  •  Develop a Governance framework
  •  Define leadership culture
  •  Design leadership development interventions
  •  Facilitate implementation of leadership development interventions
  •  Facilitate leadership team alignment
  •  Facilitate conflict resolution within the leadership team
  •  Define and facilitate implementation of the transformation strategy
  •  Executive coaching and mentorship
  •  Leadership Effectiveness Advisory
  •  Board Advisory